drake - little size...big dreams!

Meet Drake - The Gymnast
Age: 8
Starting at the age of 14 months, Drake faced development issues with his speech – he stopped talking completely. He saw an OT, PT and Speech Therapists. It was not until he went to a specialist at age 3 that they discovered he had a severe reflux issue. When Drake was 4 years old, he started taking private swim lessons with Greenfield Trainer, Troy Dega.  Drake’s mom, Marie, wanted him to learn to swim for safety reasons and because of his developmental delay, she knew that group lessons would be too difficult. He continued private lessons until August of 2012 when he turned 8. 

In May, 2012, Drake joined Swiss turner gymnastics and in August, he switched his pool training to dry land training to increase his strength through body weight exercises. He started competing in the fall in local meets (West Allis, Kenosha).  He competed in the Harley meet at the Midwest Center and took 2nd all around. Currently, he also has 3-1sts in all arounds. He is expected to compete in State in March.  All of this from a young man who could not even do a cart wheel when he started!

Drake struggles with focus and Troy helps him with this tremendously. If there is a crisis or a problem, Troy’s expertise with dealing with children kicks in and Drake is calmed and his confidence returns. His training is intense; 1 hour a week with Troy, 2 x’s a week at Swiss turner for group training and private lessons for 2 hours on Friday’s and Sunday’s! Drake is beginning to understand what competing means but really does it for the love of it!  He would like to try competitive swimming in the future.
He enjoys Board games (Chess) and card games. He loves the strategy involved. Mom likes that he chooses these over video games!

Drake has overcome many obstacles and his family (and Troy) beam with pride.