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WorkingWell by Wisconsin Athletic Club

WorkingWell by the Wisconsin Athletic Club has a different approach to wellness . It is designed to fit your unique business needs and specifically to address your risk factors and wellness goals. Each piece of WorkingWell comes together to form strategically targeted options for your employees’ health and wellness benefits and your company’s bottom line. Click here to contact a WorkingWell Representative.

1. Education 
Fitness and Nutrition Lunch & Learns
• 1-on-1 Fitness and Nutrition Consultations
• Fitness and Nutrition Tips

2. Wellness Programs 
• Wellness Challenge Design and Implementation
• Wellness Program Consultation
• Medical/Wellness Integration
• Well Coaching
• Worksite Solutions
• Nutrition Programs
• Metabolic Testing
• Program Customization

3. On•Site 

• Group Fitness Classes (Yoga, Pilates, Boot Camps, Zumba, etc.)
• Personal Training
• Massage Therapy
• Strength and Conditioning Training
• Stretching Programs
• Fitness Center Design and Management
• Fitness Equipment Sales and Maintenance
• On-site Cooking Demonstrations
• Sport-Specific Training
Inmovement Treadmill Desks and Equipment

4. Contribution 

• Payroll Deduction/Reimbursement Consulting
• Capitated Memberships
• Club Usage Tracking and Reporting

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A WAC Membership Gives You More!

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