Kim Flannery
Kim Flannery
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Our registered dietitian is Kim Flannery. Kim is available to help with your nutrition questions through a variety of services and seminars.

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Nutritional Videos
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Nutrition Seminars
Frequent seminars are offered to members (and to non-members for an additional fee). Topics are chosen based on interest and timeliness. Some of the seminars that have been offered in the past are:
  • Carbs, Fats, Proteins: What Should I Eat?
  • Healthy Meals in a Hurry
  • Navigating Restaurant Menus
  • Eating for Heart Health
  • The Mood-Food Connection
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Superfoods Against Cancer
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Private Nutrition Consultations
Private consultations are available to members as well as non-members. Consultations focus on the needs of the member and vary from consult to consult. Specific meal plans can be prepared, or a more general program can be developed. Behavioral changes to allow for lasting benefits are emphasized.
Members: $55/hour and $35/half hour
Non-Members: $70/hour and $50/half hour

Metabolic Testing
Have you ever wondered how many calories you are actually burning? Are the estimates on the cardio machines accurate? Now you can get a measurement of your actual calories burned at rest. By breathing into a device that measures your carbon dioxide output, you can obtain this valuable piece of information in less than a half hour.

$60/Members and $75/Non-Members.

Contact Information
You can e-mail Kim at -or- fill out a Nutrition Request Form to receive more information.

For healthy weight loss tips and updated nutrition information from Kim, please visit her website & blog: