Adult Aquatic Programs

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Adult Lap Swim

Adult fitness swimmers are encouraged to join our water coach in this lap-swimming workout. During class, participants will swim a series of sets and drills to build speed, endurance and strength. This class is designed for Intermediate and Advanced swimmers. Registration is required. Sign up at the Front Desk. 

Adult Learn to Swim ($)
Have you ever wanted to learn how to swim or better your technique? This 7-week class, led by WAC Swim Coach, is designed to teach you basic swim stoke techniques while building endurance. Come experience the benefits of adding swimming to your fitness regimen. 

Aqua Hip Hop

Let's bring the latest hip hop dance moves to the pool! This fat-burning, high-energy class will give you a full-body workout in the water.

Aqua Zumba
Zumba hits the deck! This low impact choreographed class fuses Latin & International music and moves to create a dynamic and exciting water class.

Fit Swim ($)
Do you swim countless boring laps? Join Fit Swim for a formatted lap swimming work out lead by a trained coach. Help improve your endurance, increase your power and speed and learn stroke development.

Joint Effort
This class is designed to help improve muscle strength and flexibility with the aid of the waterís buoyancy. This class is ideal for men and women with arthritis, muscle or joint impairment but is open to all.

Tabata in the Pool ($)
Join us as we take this workout to the pool and create a low-impact, highly effective class featuring sets of exercises performed in timed intervals of all-out intensity followed by brief recovery periods. Expect to be progressively challenged as you burn calories, develop muscle definition and push to the next level of intensity.

Tri Fit ($)
Whether you are aspiring to become a triathlete or just want to take your fitness up a level, Tri-Fit training can help get you there. This course will teach you how to become a stronger swimmer, more efficient biker, and better runner by improving your time, stroke and endurance.

This basic water class provides a cardiovascular workout, complete with toning and stretching. Similar to our Lite series, this class is perfect for the mature adult, those individuals new to fitness and anyone recovering from an injury.

Water Fusion
Step up your basic water class with Water Fusion. This aquatics class features a cardiovascular and toning workout designed to take you to the next level in water fitness.  

Water Power
Water Power is an intense, calorie-burning workout in the pool. This water class will increase your heart rate for a stronger cardio workout, as well as tone and strengthen your entire body!

Look for rotating Tri Faster ($) classes at WAC Greenfield.



For more information, please contact the Aquatics Team Lead/Programming Director at your club or submit an Aquatics Inquiry