Personal Training

Personal Training is an individualized workout with a professional instructor to assist you in achieving your wellness goals. Our Personal Trainers have the college degrees, national certifications, and specialized expertise to help ensure you achieve your goals. Your trainer will customize a workout to fit your specific wants, needs and goals.

Our Advanced programs will enhance your current activities and lifestyle. Increase your speed, agility, power and stamina. Lessen aches, stiffness and injuries. We'll whip you into shape for your wedding, sharpen your skills for your upcoming sports season, or help you stay fit during your pregnancy.

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Specialized Training Available
Contact the Programming Manager at your club to learn more about specialized training.

One-on-One Yoga Training: Experience specialized Yoga instruction tailored specifically for you. A certified Yoga instructor provides you with one-on-one attention, offering adjustments and corrections to fit your unique needs and ability level. Private Yoga instruction is beneficial for strength training and can help address issues like fatigue, back pain, shoulder/neck pain, anxiety/depression and tense or sore muscles.

One-on-One Pilates Reformer Training: Pilates is gentle on the body but offers amazing benefits – focusing on the deep muscles responsible for your body’s core strength and stability. A Pilates Reformer personal training session is the most effective way to learn, practice and perfect your Pilates performance. Our trainers devote undivided attention to your specific needs and develop a custom program for optimum results.

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BECOME a WAC PERSONAL TRAINER! Full-time or Part-time

Successful candidates must enjoy a varied work schedule, have a 4-year degree and/or a personal training certification, proven ability to develop personal training clientele and achieve personal training goals, as well as experience developing and implementing various fitness and member retention programs. A friendly, energetic personality as well as strong communication, relationship, time management and follow-up skills are essential. We offer a positive environment, competitive compensation and the opportunity for advancement.

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