Ben Jacobs

Sales Manager

Phone: 262.544.4111
Email: [email protected]

University of Massachusetts

I began training gymnastics at age six. I continued all the way through college competing in the NCAA for the University of Massachusetts where I studied sociology. After college, I took my talents to the stage. I moved down to Florida to start my career as a stuntman and acrobat for Mickey Mouse. Through my 8 years with Disney I was able to use my gymnastics to perform all over the world, freelancing for various entertainment companies including Anti-Gravity, Metropolis productions and Cirque Du Soliel. I am the current head boys coach and program director at Infinite Gymnastics Academy in Brown Deer.

-Upper Body
-Bodyweight Strength Training

Gymnastics, sailing, swimming, Kayaking, fishing, camping, biking, hiking, aerial acrobatics, stunt work, music and movies

 "A healthy active life is a happy life; go out and GET it!"