J. J. LaValley

Premier Trainer

Phone: 262-544-4111
Email: [email protected]

Nutritional Sciences - UW-Milwaukee

Eagle Scout
High School athlete: Football (4 years), Basketball (2 years), Baseball (4 years), Track (3 Years), Tennis (1 year).

First Aid

Nutrition, Weight Loss, Strength Training, Weight Lifting, Functional Fitness, Kettlebells, Mobility 

Total foodie who loves trying new restaurants and new foods, cooking, working out and weight training, watching movies, spending time with family and friends.

I love weight lifting and strength training and even though the moves I do and teach seem basic, they are the most effective way to build muscle and boost metabolism. These moves are also very functional and can be related and used in everyday life. Nutrition is also my passion. I enjoy talking to people about their diets and helping them not only change their habits, but also their way of thinking about food by offering them new ideas or discussing the science and new research in the field of nutrition.  Although my tactics may seem at times weird or "boring", they are what I have found most effective for me and the people closest to me.