Rick Purdy

Level 6 Personal Trainer

Phone: 414-212-2000
Email: rpurdy@thewac.com

-B.S. Exercise Science/Fitness Management - Carroll University




Brazilian Jujitsu, reading, distance running, playing football, watching football on the couch, marathons, guitarist in training, poet on occasion, foodie at all times, world traveler bound by responsibilities

Personal training wasn't always in my future. The growing process from college athlete to personal trainer has been one of constant evolution. I found I loved the idea I could impact someone's life and health in the same way that others have impacted my own. Continuing education and the willingness to ask for guidance from other trainers has helped me to become the proud trainer I am. Today, fitness is my passion. All skill levels, ages, shapes, and sizes. The journey of confronting limitations, to self-sacrifice and the hard work to overcome those limitations, is my favorite part of my job, and is the foundation of my training ideology. I can help you improve your health and commit to a lifestyle that promotes well-being. With my help you will work HARDER & SMARTER than you ever have before. If you're willing to put your health in my hands, I will match your dedication to make sure your goals become achievements-and your achievements become stepping stones along the path to a happier and healthier you!