Travis Halena

Level 5 Personal Trainer

Phone: 414-212-2000

B.S. Communication UW-Milwaukee


ACSM Personal Trainer
First Aid

-Strength Training in all forms whether it's pro athlete or brand new to exercise
-Ensuring clients are using the correct progression and variation of an exercise for their level and are able to move pain free while doing it
-Functional training that improves not only strength and movement but provides the aesthetic benefits as well
-Telling you the things you may not want to hear and holding you accountable all while making sure you enjoy the process

Most of my time is spent in the gym or trying to be outside with my two dogs Jazz and Jada aka DJ Jazzy Jeff and Jada Pinkett Smith (old school hip hop all day). I am learning to love traveling as much as I can not only to get away, but to have experiences that help me connect with the people I see everyday.

Something new is scary for anyone no matter what it is. I am here to teach the process that I have been learning and sharing with clients for over ten years and will make sure that I tailor it for YOU!  My goal is always to make our time enjoyable even if the exercise sometimes isn't. I understand that life happens and there are hiccups along the way but just remember that what we do most of the time is more important than what we do some of the time.