Matthew Locke

Level 4 Personal Trainer

Phone: 262-255-5700

Training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in Personal Training

I was a special education teacher for several years before coming to the WAC.

Group Fitness Strength
Water Certification
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Certification
First Aid

Strength and Cardio Training
Water Aerobics
Weight Loss and Weight Management
Personal Development in self-esteem and fitness

I am married with 2 cats and  a dog named Archie. I enjoy playing racquetball and tennis.  I like to watch movies and sports. Snorkeling and being on the water are large passions of mine. I am the most happy when I am surrounded by others that I have impacted in a positive way. Knowing that I can help make a difference gives me a great sense of joy.

"Perfection is unattainable however; the pursuit of it is".

I think of this and remember that even if I fall short of my goal or I feel inadequate about something in myself, I try to improve. No one is ever "perfect" and that is where the struggle truly is.  Will you keep going, keep pushing and pursuing knowing that there is never an end in sight? Will you become better than you were and then push yourself further? Whether this is in exercise, work ethic or simply humility, the goal is never perfection, it is to pursue perfection. One day you will fall off the horse and need to get back up again. That is okay because everyday is a chance to pursue more.