Reese Slobodianuk

Level 4 Personal Trainer

Phone: 262-544-4111

BS Kinesiology - UW-Milwaukee
Minor Nutrition - UW-Milwaukee

I take great pride in obtaining my BS and Minor with honors. Having skateboarded for the past 16 years of my life, I have also won and competed in numerous competitions, some of which I have won outright. As a runner, I have had the extreme pleasure of racing distances that range from 5k to 39.75 miles. Of note, I take pride in winning the "Badgerland Striders 6 hour race" at Lapham Peak in 2018 - covering 39.75 miles in the 6 hour allotment.


My specialties include using resistance exercise to identify and correct imbalances that can lead to performance improvements - or which may lead to pain or overuse injuries. In particular, my personal interests lead me to have greater experience with skateboarders, runners, and cyclists.

My passions include skateboarding, running, cycling, guitar, drawing, and helping others reach their athletic and life-goals through functional exercises!

Movement is medicine and motion is lotion. The better we treat ourselves throughout our lives, the better we will feel, move, and look during our time in these bodies that we were gifted.