Jacob Wagner

Level 5 Personal Trainer

Phone: 414-321-2500
Email: jwagner@thewac.com

2 year degree at Moraine Park  

Throughout high school I played baseball, football and track, which directly impacted my fitness career. I didn't think of ever making it a career until a few years ago when I truly discovered a love for it. Looking back I couldn't see myself doing anything else with my life.  
NASM Certified 
CPR Certified

Bodybuilding Strength Training, Corrective Exercise Mobility, HIIT, Fat Loss

In my free time away from the gym I love to take my Golden Retriever Jordy for walks, to the beaches/lakes to go swimming together and just be in the outdoors. I enjoy heading out to lakes during summer for early morning or late afternoon paddle board strolls just to relax and get in some quiet time. My whole life revolves around health and fitness so anytime away is always a needed mental break. I love to go to Adventure Rock and go rock climbing! It's one of my favorite ways to change up my regular workouts and challenge myself. My goal in life is to step on stage for a men's physique show. Bodybuilding is one of my passions and pushing myself to this extreme is so fun and such a challenge.

"Don't compare your life to others, there's no comparison to the sun and the moon... They shine when its their time." I often have to remind myself of this . I always look at other people around me and compare myself. It's completely the wrong way of thinking. Don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 10. We're all at different stages in our lives and will end up where we belong if we focus on ourselves. Life's all about balance so don't be afraid to enjoy it! No one got skinny by eating one salad, just like you won't get fat from one donut or ice cream. Look at the big picture in regards to health. Mental health is just as important as physical health.