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In March of 2000, WAC was officially recognized by IHRSA as the #1 Racquetball Club in the nation. The WAC has hosted every major racquetball tournament at one time or another since 1976 and has received numerous national awards for our large program and well-managed league system. 

#1 Racquetball League System in USA!

Top 10 Reasons to Play Racquetball
10.Racquetball can be played at any time of the day.
9.Racquetball is a game that can be played by both men and women on somewhat equal terms—it's a real friendship maker.
8.People of all ages from 6 to 96 can play the game and do so competitively.
7.Racquetball just takes one other person to play and it’s a great aerobic workout.
6.Racquetball can be played year-round, indoors or outdoors.
5.Racquetball develops and maintains motor skills like agility, balance, flexibility, hand-eye coordination and reaction time.
4.Racquetball develops cardiovascular and muscle endurance.
3.Racquetball is a high calorie-burner and helps stave off osteoporosis.
2.Racquetball is easy to learn. No special skill level is required in order to reap most of the values of playing the game.
1.Playing Racquetball is FUN!

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