Late Night Programming - West Allis Only

Interval EXPRESS Classes

Mondays 9pm
Wednesdays 9pm
This fiercely energetic class involves alternating short bursts of intense activity with active recovery. This is an efficient training method using mostly body weight to help increase your cardiovascular intensity without burning yourself out.

Cycle EXPRESS Classes

Thursdays 9pm
This indoor cycling class is sure to increase your cardiovascular strength, endurance and stamina, while burning major calories! Discover new goals as our Instructors guide you through a variety of rides: Strength, Interval, Race, Endurance, Recovery or a blend. Experience the thrill of steep hill climbs, fast-paced sprints, or long flat roads all set to the beat of invigorating music. Learn to build your mind/body connection through visualization, themes and other cycling techniques to create an exciting and individually challenging atmosphere.

Pub Trivia

Second & fourth Thursday of each month
Join us in the Club Pub for TRIVIA! Get your friends together and form a team to compete with others for prizes.