kids' clubhouse policies

Sick Policy
The Clubhouse staff will do everything in it's power to make your child's stay with us comfortable and fun, however sometimes leaving a sick child at home is the best way to keep other children and staff safe and healthy. For this reason, the Kids' Clubhouse will not accept sick children. If your child has experienced any of the following we ask that they be kept at home: Fever within 24 hours; vomiting within 24 hours; diarrhea within 24 hours; contagious illness; constant cough; excessive runny nose; yellow/green mucus discharge from the nose; mucus discharge and redness of the eye; open sores or rashes; child has been on antibiotics for less than 24 hours.

Comfort & Security
Staff members will greet you with kind eyes, a bright smile, and your name as they check you in to the clubhouse. Children are welcome to bring a small blanket, and the club offers a variety of toys for children to play with. Because toys may get lost or broken we ask that children leave their own toys at home. The club is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Safety is very important to us at the Kids' Clubhouse. A staff member will always greet you and your child and assist you with checking your child in. Our computer system closely resembles the system used at the front desk. Each child will receive their own membership card, and be stored as members in our database. Our database will also store any important information about your child such as health and behavior information along with a list of authorized adults who may pick up your child.

We will change diapers if time permits.  We do not accept cloth diapers.

We provide simple snacks twice a day and encourage you to feel free to bring your own. Please refrain from bringing fast food items into the Clubhouse. We will also bottle feed babies when time permits.