GeorgeMeet George Jozwiak

WAC West Allis & Brookfield Member
Age: 43

George’s Story:

I have a long family history of heart disease. My uncle died because of it, and my dad is currently struggling with it. When my brother also passed away from heart disease, I realized I needed to break the cycle. I was 267 pounds, and I knew that if I was going to accomplish all that I wanted to do in life, I needed to make a big change. That’s when I joined the Wisconsin Athletic Club.

If it wasn’t hard enough that I was 267 pounds, I was also suffering from four bulging discs in my spine and related paralysis in my left arm. I knew I needed help, so in 2015, I met with Trainers, Jayne, Michelle and Trent at the WAC West Allis. With their tailored strengthening and conditioning, I completed my rehab and felt 110% better—finally on top of my game.

After a change in my work schedule, I started training with Michaela at WAC Brookfield. She is a perfect fit for me. Thanks to her constant encouragement and take-no-bull attitude, I have been able to continually raise the bar. She pushes me to not just reach my goals, but to exceed what I thought was even physically possible. Since joining the WAC, I’ve lost over 110 pounds, finished 9 marathons and completed 120 burpees in 30 minutes, but most importantly, I’ve gained confidence in myself.

Nothing gets me more excited than accomplishing something I never thought possible. When I started with Michaela, I never thought I could do a pull-up. But through hard work and slow, steady progress, I can now do several pull-ups and even more challenging variations. I never thought I could run a marathon, but now I’ve run 9, including the time I ran 3 charity marathons in 4 weeks. Thinking of all the people that I help with each stride keeps my feet moving forward. Recognizing small achievements that combine to become big milestones reminds me that no bar will ever be too high to reach.

George’s Advice:

Never give up. Anything is possible—really! Never tell yourself “no” unless you’ve tried something once. You’ll be surprised what you can do if you just make that first step. Stay focused on your goals, and you’ll see them fulfilled. Find what fuels your passion, and workouts will never feel like “work” again.