Dawson Mueller

Professional Trainer

Phone: 414.212.2000
Email: [email protected]

Associate of Science in Business Administration - UW Platteville

I help individuals achieve the mind they desire so they can be confident while building muscle and losing fat.

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
NCI Certified Nutrition Coach
Certified Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED

Hormone Specialist
Mindset Specialist
Men's Health
Men's Hormones
Gut Health
Thyroid Health
Women's Health

I am very interested in holistic health and wellness. I enjoy learning how I can better my clients, my family, and my health naturally. I believe getting sun is a big component of living a healthy life so I try to spend as much time outside, after all, nothing on this planet would be alive if it wasn't for the sun.

Remember, you have to do the hard things to be able to enjoy the things you love.

Life is not always going to go your way. It is inevitable. You can only do one thing: Be your best self, live the life you want to live, put your best effort and foot forward, and always train like an animal.