Sydnie Swittel

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Bachelor's in Exercise Science at Winona State University

Dean's List 2018-2020
Cum Laude

First Aid
In my free time, spending time with my family and friends is something I look forward  to the most. I feel extremely blessed to have such a strong, admirable, confident, loving support system of people around me. I enjoy long walks in nature, cardio-based workouts, traveling, fall/summer seasons, spending time in the sun, reading books about self-improvement, coffee, and essential oils/toxin-free living. Over the past few years I have shared my knowledge and passion of essential oils/wellness with many people. This is a business I look forward to continuing to grow! 
Search for gratitude every single day. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own day to day lives that we forget to take a step back to find gratitude in the little things. This could be something as simple as having an amazing morning coffee or the sun being out but becoming aware of these things will show you how truly blessed you are! When this becomes a ritual, you will live a much more fulfilling, positive life.