Margarito Vasquez

Massage Therapist

Phone: 262-544-4111
Email: [email protected]

LMT - Herzing University, Brookfield, WI

Army Ranger for 15 years with a passion for guiding and teaching young soldiers. I jumped out of perfectly good airplanes and helicopters way too many times to keep track. I competed in plenty of army combative tournaments and helped instruct younger combatants. I competed in a lot of tough mudders and spartan races with my soldiers to lead by example and show them that I would always have their backs. I always lead by example which is why I was so close with my soldiers even to this day after medical retirement.

First Aid
Assisted Stretching 

Deep tissue tends to be what I am always in high demand for but I also do swedish, trigger point, myofascial and joint mobilization. I have a passion for sports massage and the process of healing after injuries as I was injured while in the military and know what living with chronic pain is all about. I enjoy giving people safer options than just relying on pain pills to mask the source of pain and decreased quality of life.  

I am a family man who loves his wife and 4 children. Not having a good example of what a father is, I stride to not only be the best father I can be for my children but also the best role model  or example for other children who may not have that in their life.  I love HIIT training, hiking, the water, martial arts, the country life, mowing my very large property and the loyalty of 2 dogs, 4 cats, a rabbit and our "house chicken".  More importantly I love more than faith in God and being a child of God who is always there for others in need.  I enjoy helping others see the greatness in themselves when they cannot and helping others remove hate from their hearts and replacing it with love and respect. 

Our health and our well-being is just that, it is our responsibility and nobody else's. We cannot go through life wishing and hoping to be a certain way without being willing to put in the work and sacrifice that comes with that.  We also have the ability to be amazing individuals as God has created us to be, this starts with treating everyone with respect and love no matter how we are feeling in our life. A simple compliment, "hello how are you?" or even a smile can drastically and positively impact someone's day or life. We cannot just live in the world of "ME" but the world of us, them and we.  Be different, make someone smile and show them that they matter.