COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

The Wisconsin Athletic Club reopened Monday, June 1. Here are some frequently asked questions during the COVID-19 outbreak closing. 


What happened with my monthly dues while the Wisconsin Athletic Club was closed?

Your membership was placed on a $0 freeze and you were not billed for your membership dues for April or May.


What are you doing for my membership dues for March since the clubs closed on 3/17/20?

When we open on June 1, you will not be billed for your full monthly membership dues. We will only bill you for half of your membership dues in the middle of June.


If I am not ready to come back on June 1 because I am pregnant, have a compromised immune system or have any other medical concerns during these turbulent times, what are my options?

Contact the Wisconsin Athletic Club Business Services to discuss the best option for you and your family including extending your freeze. Please call 414-328-1300 or email


What are you doing for any pre-paid sessions or Fitness Rewards that were set to expire while the Wisconsin Athletic Club was closed?

We have extended the expiration date on all available sessions/appointments and Fitness Rewards that are set to expire during the closings and you will be able to use your sessions and Fitness Rewards.


What is available and what is the WAC doing to keep the clubs safe?

View our Safer Than Ever guide that details all enhanced safety protocols.