Science-Based Mindfulness for Fitness & Wellness Workshop

Event Date: Friday, January 28, 2022
Event Time: 12:00 pm
Event End Time: 1:00 pm
Event Category / Group: Menomonee Falls / Menomonee Falls

Are you ready to shift your perspective and improve your well-being? Mindfulness isn't just a buzzword, it's a practice proven to reduce stress hormones, lessen chronic pain and even improve your sleep. These impacts can be measured in your physiology and will improve the effectiveness of all you're doing to be healthier. This workshop will introduce you to some basic principles of science-based mindfulness that you can begin using right away. You'll also learn how a mindfulness practice will affect your heart health by measuring heart rate variability (HRV). HRV tools measure the changes happening between your heart beats and gives a snapshot into your ability to move out of a stressful state into a more calm and relaxed condition, helping you feel healthier overall.

Fee: $20 member | $25 non-member
Instructor: Susan