Chrissy Campbell

Premier Trainer

Phone: 414.427.6500
Email: [email protected]

Bachelor of the Arts double major in Journalism -with public relations emphasis, and Spanish

Four year NCAA division 1 scholarship athlete; Western Illinois University; Macomb, IL/Women’s Soccer

International Sports Science Association Personal Training Certified
CPR and AED Certified

My specialty as a Coach is listening to you and getting to know your body's story. Coaching for 8 years, my toolbox as grown and I believe in working together to bring out the tools that work best for you. If I do not have those tools, I will find them to assist in what works best for you and your growth. I specialize in strength training and self love/dialogue, mindful movement and mobility.

My passions lie in nature and how it works as one. I love to explore. I am always intrigued with sports in which you have to harness nature’s elements to excel. I will be a Lake Michigan surfer one day. I would LOVE to learn how to kite surf. I love to sail and swim; sandy feet in the summer and bundling in the winter time.   

I love all things about animals and spirit animals; in fact, I took a short hiatus from Personal Training to work on farms with cows, goats, alpaca, and horses to get my eyes, ears, and hands closer to the animals; to learn from them and observe.

My spirit animal is always changing; however, the hummingbird played an important role in my life for awhile with their healing and wisdom as well as dragonflies as they signify transformation.

I would rather go to bed early than stay up late. I enjoy fumbling around on the ukulele and water color painting. One of my favorite past times is making, directing, and producing music videos with my younger sister and best friend, Becky.

With all of nature’s adventures, fitness has played a huge role in my life. Fitness has inspired my drive and passion for life. With fitness I connect to my body; I don’t run from her. I want to feel her; not exhaust her and deplete her. I want to learn her language so I can play and dance for forever.

My all time, hands down, FAVORITE exercise (besides dancing randomly throughout the day) is any version, all versions, of a deadlift; front squats being a close second. I am obsessed with the intricacy of those movements, the power behind them, and the badass feeling after them.

My least favorite exercise would be anything tricep focus; it’s a snooze fest to me.                                                 

Catch me with a donut at least 3 times a week; specifically a long john with vanilla frosting and enough colored sprinkles that there’s a crunch in the bite.

I have such an immense love for fitness because it keeps me ALIVE. It extends outward beyond our muscles, through our bones, our being, our energy. The healthier we are the happier the planet.

With fitness, with strength, nourishment and self love, I can continue to move through life independently, strengthening my senses to take in the world around me.

I love a good day planner and a well written greeting card.

I wish you the best on your fitness journey; perhaps I will be a part of it. I would be honored.

Discover through movement.
Explore through playing.
Grow with love.