Kaitlyn Hickey

Premier Trainer

Phone: 414.228.2800
Email: [email protected]

B.S. Psychology - University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
M.S. Kinesiology - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, anticipated graduation: May 2023

Advanced Opportunity Fellowship: UW - Milwaukee
U-24 Wisconsin Select Women's Rugby Team
Research Laboratory Assistant - Applied Health Psychology Lab: UW - Whitewater

Resistance/Strength Training
Weight Loss
Functional Movement
High Intensity Interval Training

I love taking trips to Colorado to conquer the 14,000 foot mountain, but I also enjoy staying in and spending nights with my two cats Chunk and Doug. You can find me on a Rugby pitch every Saturday.

Don't believe the dogma. Don't believe the hype. Don't search for the magic bullet. The real secret in fitness is that many things work. So it's your job to find what sounds best for you and what is most sustainable. Anyone can make a workout difficult or create a diet that helps you lose weight or build muscle. But there is a real art to making it enjoyable, doable, and possible to maintain for the long run. That is where I come in. Simplify the message, clear out the misinformation, and give you a plan of action that you believe you can achieve...and then help you do it and see the results.