Meena Zia

Expert Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Phone: 414.443.5000
Email: [email protected]

B.A. Political Science from UW-Madison

I was a trainer and nutrition coach at the North Shore WAC from 2014-2016. I then pursued fitness in Los Angeles where I specialized in training actors/actresses in preparation for upcoming roles. After 4 years in Los Angeles I moved to Denver where I began life coaching in addition to fitness and began to really understand behavioral health and the deeper reasons for our habits. This has really helped me work with clients who can't seem to keep healthy habits and are constantly struggling to meet their goals. Now, after 7 years away, I'm back with all of the skills I learned and I'm ready to help WAC members transform their health and their lives!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, PN Nutrition Coach, CPR certified

My specialties are weight loss, nutrition and mobility. Helping clients finally get to the weight they feel most comfortable with through both fitness and eating for their body type, and helping those with poor range of motion due to past injuries, illness, etc. become as mobile as possible.

Outside of fitness, I am a Reiki Master and singer/musician. In my spare time I love reading books, practicing piano and violin, hiking/doing anything outside, and going to events to get more involved in the community.

It is my firm belief that whatever your heart is longing for truly is achievable in this life. Anything you're dreaming of can be yours. It just takes confidence, hard work and a ceaseless belief in yourself. That's why I love what I do. When my client has given up on themselves, I'm there to believe in them and motivate them until they can do it for themselves!