Kids' Clubhouse

As a family-friendly club, we understand how important it is to feel safe bringing your little ones with you while you exercise. We are excited to safely welcome your children back, and we would like to share some enhanced protocols designed to ensure that your experience is successful, safe and better than ever. 

While some things have changed, our commitment and mission has not. As you plan your first visit, below are a number of things that we’d like you to be aware of:

Check In/Out
  • Only one parent is allowed at check in/out. 
  • Children’s temperatures will be taken with a touchless thermometer at check-in by a Kids’ Clubhouse Team Member. Anyone displaying a temperature over 100.0°F will get a secondary reading. Anyone confirmed to have a temperature over 100.0°F will not be allowed Kids’ Clubhouse access. Kids' Clubhouse staff will also follow the same process.
  • Parents should not bring their children to the Kids’ Clubhouse if they have a low-grade fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, any other signs of illness and contact over the past 14 days with anyone with a respiratory illness or a COVID-19 diagnosis.
  • Parents are not allowed to go past the first gate.
  • Parents should exit the Kids’ Clubhouse immediately after check-in.
  • A Kids’ Clubhouse Team Member will take children to wash their hands immediately after being checked in. If a sink is not available, hand sanitizer will be used.
Snacks, Food & Personal Items
  • Parents should bring their children changed with a fresh diaper. We will continue to change children as needed. 
  • We encourage parents to feed their children before visiting. Children who need to be fed should come with prepared and labeled food/bottles. Please refrain from bringing in food that needs to be heated.
  • Water bottles should be filled and labeled before arriving.
  • Staff will wash their hands every 30 minutes as well as after touching their face, using the restroom and changing diapers.
  • All Kids’ Clubhouse Team Members will be trained to clean with our “greener than green” aqueous ozone solution.
  • In addition to our regular cleaning, the Kids’ Clubhouse will be deep cleaned multiple times per day.
  • Toys that are not easily cleaned will be removed or rotated in and out.
  • All Kids’ Clubhouse Team Members will read and sign WAC’s Safe Work Playbook prior to working their first shift. If you would like to know more about what our Safe Work Playbook entails and what our Team Members are required to learn, please let us know.
Social Distancing
  • Team Members will do their best to design games and activities that minimize physical contact with other children.
  • Play areas and play houses will be spaced out.
  • Kids’ Clubhouse guest tours will be suspended to limit Kids’ Clubhouse traffic.
  • Spaces utilized outside of the Kids’ Clubhouse (i.e. gym or conference room) will comply with all of our previously mentioned protocols.
  • Friendly “Safer than Ever” reminder signage will be added to the Kids’ Clubhouse.

Thank you for your support over these months as we’ve learned and grown together. We are very thankful to have so many members willing to speak up and help us think through each of the steps that we’ve taken as a company. Please don’t hesitate to continue to share your feedback with us. We know it makes us better. See you at the club!