Benjamin Contino

Professional Trainer

Phone: 414-212-2000
Email: [email protected]

I am currently a senior Exercise Physiology Student. I will receive a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from Concordia University Wisconsin in May of 2020 and will begin a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Concordia Unversity Wisconsin in June of 2020.

Random fact about me: I previously worked in the aviation industry. It was a lovely fit for a while because I really enjoy airplanes and flying.


I have a good understanding of biomechanics and how to help people move better. Technique analysis and form correction are areas in which I feel well equipped. Strength, power, and stability training are where I feel most comfortable. I also really enjoy training "beginners" because I love helping people gain confidence and independence as they begin their fitness journey.

I love moving and being active. Some of my favorite activities include kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking / backpacking, slack lining, and playing team sports. I love a good hangout session with friends and / or family as well as learning and studying with classmates.

For me, exercise is many different things. Most importantly though, exercise is something that brings me joy.  I feel accomplished, healthful, energized and able to think more clearly when I exercise.  with training, my goal is always to help you realize this same joy and freedom that movement gives along with the individual goals that you have. I want everyone I train to feel better and realize the joys of exercising and moving well.