Natalia Zakula

Massage Therapist

Phone: 414-427-6500
Email: [email protected]

Chicago School of Massage Therapy
2002 Graduate of their accredited program
UW Madison: BA English, Applied linguistics certification

Nationally certified in massage/bodywork since 2002
Massage therapist at WAC Greenfield since 2008

CPR/First Aid certified

Myofascial release
Sports/fitness-focused massage
Prenatal treatments
Deep tissue
global de-stressing treatments

My family is everything.  I love cooking and enjoy sharing good food with loved ones.  My favorite thing is to just take a long walk around the neighborhood or park or far-off place with my husband, kids, and Maks (our Beagle/Rottwieller rescue). Add in music, theater, films old and new and I am in heaven.

There is an art to a stellar massage, not just the all-important knowledge of anatomy/physiology/kinesiology.

We are put on earth to help each other. I entered the massage world to give to others what I've experienced in the hands of spectacular massage therapists. I know what a good quality massage can do.  My goal is to guide clients into better states of being and better qualities of life through enhanced wellness and relaxation.                             

Almost 2 decades from when I began, I love and look forward to each treatment more now than ever.