Rawan Abu-Saif

Premier Trainer

Phone: 414-321-2500
Email: [email protected]

Working on my Kinesiology Major currently from UWM

Trained in several gyms in my home country of Jordan
Top Trainer in all Planet Fitness Wisconsin locations for a year
Participated in Trainer/Instructor development
Participated in multiple boxing stage events for kids
Developed Walking to Happiness – a very unique wellness event
I have been on T.V and YouTube for fitness tips

Basic step training certification, Basic Aerobic training certification, Self-defense Silver level certification, Pound Instructor certification, CPR / AED / first aid
Group exercise, HIT cardio, kickboxing/self-defense, weight loss, strength/ muscle tone, stability exercises, and stretching. Each person has their own goals, what make you different is not what your goals are, but how much you are willing to put the work in to achieve those goals.
Where should I start? I am a very outgoing person, so I like to try new things all the time specially if it includes a sport of some kind. My favorite sports are: boxing, basketball (although I am only 5’2”) swimming, dancing and billiards. Other activities I do in my free time are: rollerblading, self-defense, watching movies (especially horror or investigation movies), spending time with family and friends, rock climbing and differently enjoy going to the beach just to relax.
Working out has a huge place in my heart. Working out promotes a healthy life style which means a lot of things; from creating positive energy in your life, to being physically active, and being able to function without any pain or trouble. Working out will give you strength, be it mental, physical, or both, to build confidence and help you feel better even If you’re having a bad day. But the largest factor in choosing personal training as my career is that I can be part of making people around the world feel better every single day. I am honored to be part of your journey so thank you for allowing me to do so.