Deric Schwartz

Expert Trainer

Phone: 262-255-5700
Email: [email protected]

5 Years Employed at the WAC
Quit smoking cold turkey after 5 years.

NASM Certified
Fitness Nutrition
Corrective Exercise Certification
First Aid

Weight Loss, Fitness Nutrition, Lean Mass Gain, Corrective Exercise, Balance Stabilization, H.I.I.T.

Fitness has always been a priority in my life. Growing up I was involved in skateboarding, snowboarding, and some ball sports. My second love is music. On my off time you will catch me playing DJ sets at local clubs, out of state events, and summer festivals. Along with that comes travel. I enjoy being outside and soaking up everything the world offers. Being a huge foodie, I love discussing and making sure nutrition plays a major part in fitness as well as everyday living.

Here at the Wisconsin Athletic Club, I am driven to help educate and guide anyone looking to meet their short term as well as long term fitness goals. By doing so we will discuss nutritional habits, proper lifting techniques, and how to regiment a program best suited for your needs. Training with me, we will go further than short term goals and look at long term lifestyle change by continuing nutritional advice, proper rest and recovery, as well as making health and wellness a key priority in everyday life. The wellness journey is a long road with rewarding outcomes that I want all of my clients to experience.

"Always be happy with the things you’ve accomplished, but never be content. Always strive to be better than who you were yesterday." – Deric Schwartz

"A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are meant for." – Admiral Grace Hopper