Privacy Policy

  • WAC/WAC Wireless, will not, without User's express consent collect personal information.  In the future the WAC may have a need to collect a) the email address that is registered for the service b) the MAC address of user's wireless device c) the times and locations of user connections and d) the amount of data transferred through those connections. In addition, the WAC will not log user data or its destination except when the WAC needs to analyze data transfer in order to resolve technical problems. 
  • WAC/WAC Wireless will use User personal information solely for internal purposes in connection with the operation, management and maintenance of the service or its transfer to another operator, and will use customary measures to maintain the security of that information, and will only keep the information for as long as is reasonably required to fulfill these purposes. 
  • Unless WAC/WAC Wireless is required to do so by applicable law, it will not share User personal information with any third party without your express consent; provided that WAC/WAC Wireless may for research purposes share aggregated and anonymized information derived from your information including personal information, and provided also that when using the service, username and location may at some point be visible to other users of the service or on particular pages on the public Internet. 
  • If you wish WAC/WAC Wireless to delete personal information from its records, or if you have any questions concerning the use of your personal information, please contact technical support at the email address shown on the WAC/WAC Wireless home page.  [email protected]
    In order to maintain this service in the long-term, WAC/WAC Wireless may:
  • Institute connection limits, such as limiting speed or quality of connections.
  • Deactivate accounts for any reason whatsoever at the sole discretion of WAC/WAC Wireless. Deactivation may occur for reasons including, but not limited to, users not abiding by this agreement.
  • Block outgoing SMTP email connections or the use of any particular ports.
  • Contact users, using the email address under which they are registered, on subjects relating directly to the activities or operations of WAC Wireless.

Last updated: January, 2009