Training & Services

Here at the WAC, we know that a "one size fits all" theory doesn't actually fit all of our members' individual goals, preferences and challenges. So we've made it our mission—and even our tagline—to help you Find Your Fit.

Everyone walks into the club with a different goal. From dropping a dress size, crossing a finish line or climbing a mountain, to being able to pick up a grandchild, lowering blood pressure or simply climbing a flight of stairs. Whatever your goal is, with your two complimentary Fit Sessions, we're willing and ready to give you the necessary advice, direction and confidence to pursue and accomplish your goal.

People stick with what they love, and that is why we're passionate about helping members find an exercise routine they enjoy. Whether you prefer one-on-one personal training, nutrition advice from one of our registered dietitians, or the rejuvenating benefits of a massage, we've got the programs and services that are sure to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Sweating for the Wedding

Wedding Prep Training

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