How to Choose the Right Athletic Club

Welcome to the Wisconsin Athletic Club!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our club. The benefits of regular exercise are well proven and your visit is one of the first steps in committing to regular exercise. How do you choose the right club for you? Find a club you feel comfortable at and will visit on a regular basis. Regardless of what a club charges, if you do not regularly visit, you will have overspent. Please consider the following points when making a decision.

How to Choose the Right Athletic Club?


Locate a club convenient to where you live or work; is there more than one location that you would have access to, is it open during the hours you need? Plan on visiting the club during the hours you would like to workout. This way you will get an idea of the club’s feel, staff and cleanliness. Does the club offer a no-cost trial membership?


Pay attention to the atmosphere. How were you greeted? Was the staff friendly? How were you made to feel on your initial visit? How clean is the club? Did the atmosphere make you feel comfortable? Realize you should be comfortable to come as you are, you do not need to “get in shape” to join.

Facilities and Programs

Look for a variety of equipment and programs, such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, weight equipment, pools, cycling, Yoga etc. You also want to look at the availability and quality of the equipment and programs. Ask what the club offers for instruction on how to start and maintain an exercise program.


Understand what membership types they offer and the rates that go along with them; is there one that fits your needs? What are the total costs involved in getting started? Understand the length of the agreement. Is it a month-to-month membership, or are you agreeing to a one or two-year commitment? Inquire about holds, cancellations and refund policies before signing an agreement.


Many clubs provide extras like towel service, personal care products, lockers, childcare facilities, massage, social programs, court sports, wellness seminars, personal training and nutrition. Make a list of extras that you would be interested in so that you can ask about them while visiting the club.