Rob & Jen

Meet Rob Multerer & Jen Puente

WAC Wauwatosa Members
Ages: 38 & 35



In October 2011, I was a couple of Big Macs short of 400 pounds and was disgusted with myself. In a frank conversation with a very good friend, he encouraged me to take my health and my life back. 

Over time, I lost over 130 pounds. The WAC has helped me keep it off through a variety of group classes. I have a newfound love for fitness and how it can be, dare I say it, fun! Group Fitness Instructors, Molly and Liz help keep me motivated and offer guidance and support to keep going.


In 2007, I had a nasty ACL tear. My recovery was tough, and I made a decision to never let my injury hold me back. I decided to do a Sprint Triathlon and have never looked back since. After completing my Sprint Triathlon, I signed up for my first half-marathon. To date, I have completed four half-marathons.

The WAC has helped me reach training and fitness goals in so many ways. The accountability from my gym friends and instructors keeps me going every day. The smiling faces at the Front Desk every morning validate that I have made the right decision to get moving. I have also been challenged further than I could ever push myself through Boot Camp and Treading classes.

The WAC also connected me with my husband. In October 2013, I ran into an old acquaintance (Rob) at the WAC, and I realized that he looked VERY different than the last time I saw him—there was a lot less of him! I thought he looked pretty cute…it must have been the post-workout endorphins. After a few weeks of waving across the gym, I decided to ask Rob if he wanted to run into me "not at the gym" sometime. We went on our first date that December, and the rest of the love story is history!


I’m a morning workout guy. Prior to meeting me, Jen most definitely was not. About five months into our relationship, I finally convinced Jen to go to morning Boot Camp with me. Jen deeply hated this idea, but she grew to enjoy the early morning workouts while watching the sunrise. I was the winner on this argument.

I look at it this way: by the time I leave the WAC (by 7am), I have already done way more than everyone I work with. I’m motivated by the feeling of being mentally and physically fit. I want to be able to fit into any type of clothing I pull off the rack. I want my wife to be able to wrap her arms around me as opposed to only halfway, and I want to live long enough to meet my grandchildren.


Rob definitely did not choose to run a half marathon…initially. He thought there was no way on earth he could ever do it. After a solid amount of trash talking, Rob finally caved in and ran not one but TWO half marathons with me in a year. If you're keeping score, I won that one.

We love our WAC friends! The community that the WAC creates is quite amazing. It’s a community of friendship, accountability and fun. We look forward to working hard, but also getting a good laugh in every morning. There is always someone to pick you up, or commiserate with you halfway through doing way too many burpees.

Rob’s Advice:

Don't stop. You will be sore, you will be tired and you will want to quit. But you need to keep going for you and those that love you.

Jen’s Advice:

Stress working out is way better for you than stress eating. If you fall off the wagon (by neglecting food or fitness), get right back on.