Al Liu

Premier Trainer

Phone: 414.212.2000
Email: [email protected]

-4th Degree Black Belt
-Granted from the world Tae Kwon Do Federation in Korea from Grand Master Song Tae Hong
-Over 17 years of experiencing teaching Martial Arts

-Tae Kwon Do
-Tai Chi
-Muscle Strengthening and Toning


-NETA Personal Trainer
-NDEITA Group Fitness Certification
-Lifeguard Water Safety Certification
-First Aid

Training means not only the knowledge of the things which will build the body but also the knowledge of the things which will tear it down. Training is balancing the discipline of the Mind, the power and endurance of the Body, in harmony with the Spirit. Strengthening this bond to defy any limitations obstructing the path to Health and Fitness.