Christine Le Blanc

Massage Therapist

Phone: 414-212-2000
Email: [email protected]

Graduate, Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy - 2012
Extensive continuing education in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy:
 Head and Neck
 Spine and Low Back
 Lower Extremity
 Upper Extremity
 Form and Function
MA - Univeristy of Notre Dame - 1982
BA - University of Notre Dame - 1980 

Wellness Trailer Massage Volunteer
US Open Golf Championship -  Erin Hills Golf Course - Erin, WI - June 2017
Instructor of English at Milwaukee Area Technical College - 2009-2013

State License / Certificate: WI 12111 - 146
Graduate, Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy - 2012
CPR/BLS for Healthcare Providers - 2017

Precision Neuromuscular Therapy:
 Deep Tissue Massage
 Myofacial Release

Hot Stone Therapy:
 Deep Tissue Massage
 Swedish Relaxation Massage

Pregnancy Massage:
 Sports Massage
 Sensitive, gentle massage for frail/anxious persons  

I am an enthusiastic reader who enjoys going to a good play and having dinner with a friend.  I like folk dancing, and all kinds of music and good conversation wherever I may find it.  I enjoy all these things even more in the company of my three grown children. 

My clients tend to seek me as their go to therapist for finally getting control of their pain.  I have been most successful in using Precision Neuromuscular Therapy to help me discover which muscles are causing the pain and stiffness. Then I treat precisely those soft tissue restrictions.  I work thoroughly and precisely and I listen carefully. 

I have developed a talent for thinking out of the box to create home treatments that work well in client lifestyles.  Clients can learn from me how to treat for themselves the pain that they may get at the end of the day or at 3:00 in the morning.  Faster progress is made with both of us working on the issue.

Once in a while a client will walk in and say, "Work is terrible. I've just had the week from hell."  Then it's time for one of my soothing and luxurious deep tissue or hot stone massages! 

I love doing this work because I love being able to help people feel how good it is to not have pain anymore. I love creating massages individually for each of my clients for that particular treatment day.