Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Monthly Training Plan?
Personal Training is an individualized approach to fitness designed to provide you with efficient, safe and highly effective exercise programs. With our monthly personal training plans, you'll get the consistent support you need from our certified Personal Trainers to achieve maximum results. Registering for the Monthly Training Plan is budget-friendly, maximizing your per-session discount AND your results!

Who is eligible for a Monthly Training Plan?
Anyone can sign up for a Monthly Training Plan, regardless of whether you are a WAC Member or not. If you currently train at the WAC, please contact your Personal Trainer directly to get started. If are not a member or have never trained at the WAC, please contact the Fitness Manager at your favorite location to get matched up with a WAC Personal Trainer.

How can I register for the Monthly Training Plan?

  • Monthly Training Plans can be purchased by phone or at the club. If you have questions or trouble completing your purchase, please contact your Trainer or the Fitness Manager of your preferred club.
  • If you already train with a WAC Trainer, please reach out to them directly to set up your Monthly Training Plan.
  • If you don't currently train at the WAC, please reach out to the Fitness Manager at your favorite location or click here to be contacted. Based on your goals and preferences, they will pair you with a WAC Personal Trainer.

Can I use my Personal Training sessions when my club membership is on freeze?
Yes. Just contact your favorite Trainer or the Fitness Manager at your preferred club to get started.

How much will I save by signing up for a Monthly Training Plan?
By registering for the Monthly Training Plan, you will save $5 per session for Personal Training or $2.50 per session for Semi-Private Training. 

We offer 4, 8 or 12 sessions per month to be used on a consistent basis, training 1, 2 or 3 times per week. 

Personal Training Monthly Training Plan Savings:
4 sessions/month = $20/month savings 
8 sessions/month = $40/month savings 
12 sessions/month = $60/month savings 

Semi-Private Monthly Training Plan Savings per person (up to 4 trainees per session): 
4 sessions/month = $10/month savings 
8 sessions/month = $20/month savings 
12 sessions/month = $30/month savings

Can I do Personal or Semi-Private Training without a monthly plan?
Yes, you can purchase individual sessions in any amount at the standard session rate.

What session lengths are available?
Just like before, you can sign up for 30-minute or 60-minute sessions, and, by popular demand, a new 45-minute training option is now available. 

When do sessions expire?

  • Didn't use all your sessions during a month? No problem. Sessions don't expire until three months after purchase, allowing you the flexibility to carry over sessions to the next month or two if necessary.
  • Standard individual sessions also expire three months after purchase.

How much does a Monthly Training Plan cost?
The cost of a session varies by Trainer tier and the length of your session. Contact your Trainer for more details.

What happens after I sign up for the Monthly Training Plan? 
You will work with your Trainer to develop a consistent schedule that will keep you accountable and on track to maximize your results and reach your goals!

How do I Manage my Monthly Training Plan? 
View our Personal Training welcome document to learn more.

I would like to sign up for the Monthly Training Plan and would like to get started training right away. Since the billing is on the first day of the month, what are my options to get started before then? 
You can purchase individual 'bridge' sessions at the monthly per-session rate to use prior to your first billing cycle. These individual bridge sessions can also be purchased and used for times you would like to double up on workouts or for longer months that have 5 weeks and you run out of your 4, 8, or 12 sessions prior to the month's end.

What if I need to cancel a session?
If you need to cancel your upcoming session, please contact your Trainer at least 24 hours in advance to avoid losing your session. Cancellations within 24 hours will forfeit the session.

Can I use the sessions I purchase through the Monthly Training Plan and be trained virtually?
Yes, the WAC offers Virtual Live Training (VLT) sessions as an alternative to in-club training, so you can meet your fitness goals at home or on the go. Find out more about Virtual Live Training.

What are the benefits of training with a WAC Personal Trainer?

  • Personal Training provides motivation and accountability, proper form and technique, effective plans and progressions, variety, safety, rapid results and—most importantly—fun!
  • We also provide our Personal Training clients access to our exclusive WAC Training App to enhance the Personal Training experience. Our new WAC Training App will keep track of your workouts and progress towards your goals. With two-way messaging you can communicate through the app with your Trainer. Your Trainer will also assign weekly fitness homework and habits for you to focus on outside of your sessions together.

I would like to improve the structure and design of my workouts outside of my sessions with my trainer. What are my options?
Great news! We have a program called PIVOT – Personalized Interactive Online Training where your trainer will design customized workouts tailored specifically for you with your goals in mind. Learn more about our PIVOT subscriptions; visit our PIVOT page. Please let your trainer know if you are interested in adding this to your training plan. They will help get you started!

If you are a non-member and are enrolled in enrolled in a PIVOT subscription, you are eligible for member pricing for training.