4-Week Fitness Instructional Training Program

Two highly effective components of a successful fitness routine are having a plan and staying consistent. Our FIT4 online fitness programs are easy-to-follow workout plans that will help you build healthy habits and establish a lasting fitness routine. 

imgYou’ll receive step-by-step video guidance on how to perform each exercise through the WAC Training App. From lunges and push-ups to compound exercises, our videos leave no room for guesswork, ensuring you get the most out of every movement.

  • Each four-week program provides three progressive workouts each week.
  • Workouts can be accomplished within 45-60 minutes and can be completed at any WAC location.
  • Weekly workout plans will be available on the WAC Training App with a training schedule to show you what's coming up.
  • All exercises will have a video demonstration along with written directions.
  • Each program is $50

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Choose from one of nine workout programs catered to specific fitness goals and levels.
If you want to take your first steps to a stronger and healthier you, this beginner strength training program has everything you need. Three full body workouts per week, the perfect balance between training frequency and volume, with enough rest and recovery for the best results. The best way for a beginner to gain confidence!
This program was made for women by women! It includes three workouts per week in an upper body, lower body, and total body workout routine. Target all the areas to shape your body into a well-rounded lean muscle building machine. Intermediate and advanced programs available.*
Do you want to make the most of your training sessions and build a stronger physique? This men’s specific strength program will provide you with three workouts a week in a Push, Pull, Legs programing style, giving you a more individualized muscle focus with each workout. Intermediate and advanced programs available.*
Are you looking to crush your drive? Increase endurance on the back 9? Or simply improve your whole game? Golf Fitness can help! With three workouts a week focusing on technique, mobility, strength and overall functional movement, this program aims to be the perfect complement to any golfer’s game.
Everybody can benefit from improved movement. This program will focus on increasing range of motion, relieving muscle tightness, correcting posture, and promoting joint stability. Three workouts per week to help you feel restored, strong and ready to conquer the day!
Hypertrophy training focuses on increasing muscle mass through various resistance training methods. This program is designed for anyone looking to gain size, strength, and definition through weight training. It incorporates a combination of free weights and weight machines, all aimed at enhancing your physique.
Your time is valuable! Transform your workout routine with quick, efficient full-body sessions using 1-2 kettlebells. These workouts will build strength, increase muscular endurance, and improve mobility. Follow along with three full-body workouts each week, each including mobility drills to help you move better. Discover new skills and elevate your training with kettlebells.
This program integrates core strengthening exercises with high-intensity cardio workouts to enhance your overall fitness, endurance, and core stability. Each 30-45 minute session balances exercises that target your core muscles while elevating your heart rate.
The program emphasizes lateral movement, hip stability, torso rotation, and ankle stability, benefiting sports like tennis, pickleball, and basketball. Focus on movements involving single-leg stability, offset weight loading, and balancing on unstable surfaces to perform better on the court.

*Advanced programs are geared towards an experienced lifter. If you have been lifting consistently for over a year and are proficient with compound movements then the advanced program is for you!

Programs are designed to be done at any WAC location and are for WAC Members only.