Virtual Live Training

Introducing Virtual Live Training by the Wisconsin Athletic Club

Personal Training Anywhere
Meet virtually with your Personal Trainer from the comfort of your own home or on the go, no fitness equipment needed. These live video sessions are arranged through the WAC Training app.

Tailor-Made for You
Your WAC Personal Trainer will work with you to customize a workout program that will fit your specific wants, needs and goals.

Instant Feedback
Your Trainer is there for you during your session, providing a friendly face, encouragement, guidance and fun in your workout.

"Virtual training with Amanda is awesome! It has allowed me to consistently work out (even during a global pandemic) and could not be more convenient. I am always amazed at how challenging the workouts are even with the minimal equipment I have at home." - Heidi

"I've loved being able to stay connected to my trainer with the virtual training option. It's been great seeing a familiar face, and the virtual option has really helped me stay consistent – and make progress – with my training program, even when in-person options are more difficult." - Andrew

Frequently Asked Questions

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