Donald Anderson

Expert Trainer

Phone: 414.427.6500
Email: [email protected]

-BBA Transportation Logistics Major - Iowa State University

-American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM-CPT)
-First Aid

-Strength Training
-Resistance Training
-TRX Training
-Vipr Training
-Resistance ("Super") Band Training

Reading, Football, biking, spending time with my family at Lake Okoboji in Iowa 

Staying active and physically fit has always been a big part of my life.  Growing up with four brothers and having two sons of my own has motivated me to keep up with them.  I believe everyone can achieve a strong healthy body.  Working out makes one feel better, stronger, and more confident about ourselves.  Too many of us are caught up in our busy lives working hard at our career, but forgetting about working on ourselves.  I am here to help guide you to be the best "you". Take time for you and make that first step.

Work smart.  Play hard.  Eat right.  Exercise.