WAC+ Registration App

Signing up for events is easy with our new online registration system and the WAC+ app.

WAC Member Registration Instructions

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Swim Lessons

Non-Member Registration Instructions

Classes, Workshops & Events

Swim Lessons


Do I really need another app?

While our goal is to limit the number of apps to the least amount possible, there is not currently one app that can successfully complete all the tasks needed. We will continue to improve these tools in hopes that in the future they will become more comprehensive.

What is the purpose of WAC+?

The WAC+ app and website can be used to register and pay for events, workshops and classes. The platform also connects to your WAC Membership so that active members will receive the member rate for all programming. Keep watch for more available classes coming soon.

Do I have to be a WAC member to register for classes through WAC+?

No, you do not need an active membership to download the app and register for classes. Programs will be listed at the non-member rate.

Do I need to pay for WAC+?

No, the app itself is free, though you will need to add a credit card to pay for any of the programs within the app.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

You are still able to use the WAC+ website and register for any events or classes there.
Simply visit wac.smarthealthclubs.com from your computer.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

Debit cards can also be entered as a form of payment.
For additional financial questions please email [email protected]

What if a class is full?

Each class has a limited capacity. If the class you are interested is full, you can attempt to join another class or join the waitlist. You will be notified if a spot opens. 



Swim Classes FAQ

Can I use Fit Rewards or a WAC gift card to pay for a swim lesson in the WAC+ app? 

Yes. Please contact member services at your club or email WAC+. Please include the following information. WAC location, your name, the name of the child registering for the class (if necessary), the day of the class and whether you have a Fit Reward or a WAC gift card to use. Once the reward or gift card is redeemed (the oldest reward or gift card will be redeemed first). Any remaining balance will be charged to the card used for your membership dues. 

Is there a waitlist and how does that process work?  

There is a waitlist. If a class is full, you can opt to be placed on the waitlist. There will not be an email confirmation sent, but you can confirm that waitlist status by selecting the barcode icon at the top of the screen and that will display your upcoming bookings and waitlists. 

Where can I confirm my registrations? 

You will receive email confirmations for all registrations. You can also view all registrations and waitlists by selecting the barcode icon at the top of the screen and that will display upcoming registrations and waitlists. 

Is an email address required for a child account in WAC+?  

No, a child email address is not required. All email confirmations for child registrations will go to the parent’s email address. 

If there is a concern regarding credit card access, how can we calm those concerns? 

Credit card information will remain encrypted on an account for future purchases in the WAC+ app. A credit card is tied at the personal level – it is linked to the log in information (email address) of the participant. An account can encompass an entire family unit, but a credit card is only linked to each personal access level (email log in). If each spouse and all children have their own individual email access to the account, a credit card would need to be associated with each email address in order for that specific participant to complete a transaction. 

My child is not a member what do I do? 

If you would like to add your child as a member, please connect with Member Services at your club. If you would like to register your child as a non-member, please follow the instructions for adding non-member children. If you have additional questions, please email [email protected] 

My child is a member but not showing in the app? Or it is asking me to pay the non-member rate

Please contact Member Services at any location.