Brandon Lindemann

Member Services Team Member

Phone: 414.212.2000
Email: [email protected]


 Bachelor of Education - Early Childhood - University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


  • NASM - Certified Personal Trainer

Resistance/Strength Training, Weight Loss, Circuit Training, and High Intensity Interval Training

When I'm not at the gym, I am out exploring the Milwaukee scene, checking out new restaurants or coffee shops. Bartending on the weekends is a great way for me to be active while socializing with the community.  Any kind of street fair, farmers market, or outdoor concert are all activities you can find me at. I'm simply a passionate and easy going guy who loves to make connections and spend time with the people I care about most.

When we think of fitness, most of the time we look at the physical aspect.  Focusing on our bodies and striving to feel comfortable with our image. Although important, I believe in both the physical and mental aspects. Working out shouldn't be the task you dread the most out of your day. It's cherishing and embracing that time where you have full control. You can leave everything at the door and do this one thing for yourself. As your trainer, I want to make each session memorable. To not only provide you with exercises and movements to help reach your goals, but give you a fun and engaging time during the day where you can feel proud of what you've done and the progress you're making.